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“I cannot recommend Vincenzo highly enough”

I have been going to gyms for years, and I have tried other trainers, but when I started with Vincenzo, I knew something was different. There was no empty talk of wonderful, fantastic targets, of how you were going to go “straight to X”. Instead, there were a few questions, a cool appraising look, and some exercises, to find out where exactly I was at. Vincenzo didn’t promise to take me to X, but he told me he could take me to F (fitness!), starting where I was at A (at sea!) and going through B, C, D, and E on the way. After my first lesson with him, I knew this was the right path for me, and exactly the programme I needed.

Now, over a year later, I feel so fortunate to have found a trainer like Vincenzo. Thanks to him, I have a whole new and much more positive attitude toward fitness, training, my body and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. For the first time in my life, I feel confident about my training ability and objectives. My body shape has improved noticeably, and I am stronger, more stable, and more physically aware than ever before.

I cannot recommend Vincenzo highly enough. He is a true professional, effortlessly drawing on a deep pool of knowledge, techniques, and exercise routines, and genuinely interested in, and committed to, helping his clients. What is more, it is always a pleasure to train with Vincenzo – while he will push you to the edge of your physical endurance, it is always, amazingly, a lot of fun!!


“Vincenzo’s training routine made me feel so much better and more relaxed.”

Some time ago I came to a conclusion that I had to improve my general fitness and attitude to foods I was consuming. Sadly, I knew I was unable to do it myself so following my friends’ recommendation I got in touch with Vincenzo and asked him if he could help me to change my dietary habits and work on my general fitness.

The initial stages of my training were not easy; however, Vincenzo’s professional expertise helped me overcome my initial reservations to strict training. After only few weeks of my training routine with Vincenzo I noticed a satisfactory weight loss. Vincenzo’s training routine made me feel so much better and more relaxed. My friends started making comments about my improved skin condition and healthier look. In fact, I started noticing a huge change in myself; I felt younger and more enthusiastic about everything I was doing. Vincenzo created a great individual program for me which changed me in 5 weeks.

Vincenzo’s nutritional expertise also had a huge impact on my attitude to foods. Following Vincenzo’s advice on combining different types of foods I started enjoying my daily meals without feeling bloated and heavy.

I would recommend Vincenzo’s professional training to anyone who wants to feel better about their looks and health.


“My strength and cardio fitness are the best they have ever been.”

I was a member of a gym and had been working out for quite some time. Although I felt fit and healthy, I hadn’t really seen any real results and I thought my body did not reflect the amount of work I was putting in. I decided to get some professional help and take the advice of North London Personal Training.

Since starting the programme I have seen an improvement in my appearance and in my fitness levels. It was a huge encouragement for me to see the changes in my weight and muscle mass after just two months. I am starting to see the aesthetic changes I had hoped for before, and I find my strength and cardio fitness are the best they have ever been.

Working with  North London Personal Training Kings Cross has allowed me to see exactly where I was going wrong before, even simple errors that I wasn’t even aware of. As well as instructing me and helping me to improve, they are also teaching me, and giving me the knowledge and skills so I can continue to grow and progress.

When I first booked the trial appointment I was unsure as to whether I would sign up for a full programme or not. It was clear from the start the the friendly encouragement, positive support and vast specialist knowledge would be exactly what I needed to help me achieve my goals.

David Rimmer

“Vincenzo has helped me to get organised and focused.”

How Did I End Up With A Personal Trainer?

After years of putting it off, I decided I needed to sort out a proper fitness regime. I used to exercise much more, but with busy work- and home-lives it wasn’t going to happen. It was also hard to judge how to build up to the right level of challenge and how to take a holistic approach to all aspects of fitness. I’m not planning to become a body-builder, but I do want to make sure I stay fit, healthy and resilient. Vincenzo has helped me to get organised and focused.

What Was It Like

Vincenzo gave an initial assessment of my fitness and shaped a routine to start off. Getting back into training was a bit of a shock to start – I hadn’t realised how much my fitness had fallen off! But it only took a few weeks to get back into the swing of it. Vincenzo has progressively introduced new elements to develop strength and flexibility. Importantly he has also tailored exercise routines which I can work on myself between sessions. He is motivating and takes a very structured approach to training, with exercises targeted at different aspects of fitness.

What Did I Achieve

First and foremost, I was motivated to get back into a challenging routine: it was what I needed to develop the discipline to train. Second, my fitness has improved a lot. I feel much less tired after sustained exercise. I’ve lost some weight, and exercise has also helped me to feel less stressed. My daughter says I am slimmer and look ‘delightful’, though I’m sure that was true before.

Why Would I Recommend Him

Vincenzo applies real expertise in developing a training structure which matches my needs. He is analytical and precise about it, which appeals to me. Above all he is tremendously motivating – he has good judgement on the right level of challenge, he makes it fun, and his infectious enthusiasm for developing fitness means I am most reluctant to let him (or myself) down!


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“Since training with you I have not had any back problems and my posture has improved”

You were recommended by my god daughter as I had never done any personal training and did not know who to work with. I started training in October 2011.

I have found you to be very professional and you watch every move and provide feedback to ensure I carry out the exercises correctly and never injure myself. I really enjoy the variety of the training methods which are showing great results. My core has improved dramatically as has my strength and stability. This is very important to me as I have a back problem. Since training with you I have not had any back problems and my posture has improved. My stamina is also improving and energy levels are increasing. Enzo is a great motivator without shouting and provides a safe and caring environment that really encourages me to push myself further.

I have recommended Enzo already to my friends and work colleagues.


“I feel great and I’m achieving my goals”

I started training with Enzo in July and all I can say is he has been fantastic. It’s all very easy to sign up to a gym, go for a few weeks, have no idea what you are doing and then get disappointed because you don’t have that six pack yet. I knew that to achieve what I wanted to achieve I needed a structured plan. As a complete gym novice it is important to get the fundamentals right. Enzo’s talked me through posture, form, the importance of warming up and some basic nutritional advice. To begin with I couldn’t do a push up but Enzo didn’t judge, he just pushed me hard and I came away from every session confident I had achieved something that day. 4 months on and he continues to push me and every session is exciting and enjoyable. Thanks to Enzo my strength has improved, I feel great and I’m achieving my goals!


“I would not hesitate in recommending him.”

I started working with Vincenzo after I received a knee injury, he has focused on improving my stability and core strength and this has aided my recovery considerably.

I have trained with quite a few PTs before Enzo… but none of them could match him. He has a level of knowledge and insight which is far beyond the regular trainer, and this paired with his unique style allows him to provide a truly personalized approach/plan.

I would not hesitate in recommending him to any of my contacts who were serious about their health and fitness.


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“Vincenzo is the best personal trainer I have ever come across.”

Vincenzo is the best personal trainer I have ever come across. I signed up with him after a severe spinal injury because he has a qualification in back care.

He made an expert assessment and took things at just the right pace, strengthening my core and mobilising my vertebrae.

He didn’t ever push me. Far more beneficially he tailor-made my workouts and got me to a place physically and psychologically where I wanted to push myself.

Over the past two years Vincenzo has encouraged me to achieve things I would never have thought possible.

I am in my 40s and not only have I dropped a couple of dress sizes, I feel fitter and more energetic than I have for years.

I trust him implicitly and could not recommend him more highly.

Judith Woods

Daily Telegraph Journalist

“I am now fitter, healthier, less stressed and much happier”

To be honest, before meeting Vincenzo I never imagined that I would ever have a personal trainer, I thought it was for professional athletes and the rich and famous. However Vincenzo approached me at a time when I knew that my clothes weren’t quite fitting, I knew that I was finding work very stressful, I knew that I wasn’t leading a particularly healthy lifestyle and I knew that even although I was going to the gym (well every so often) it wasn’t really helping. So what did I have to lose when he offered me a free trial session?Believe me, it was hard work but it was absolutely worth it. Vincenzo was very clear from the beginning that any results were going to be down to me and that they would take time – it’s not a quick fix but on the plus side it means that the benefits are longer lasting. I was a bit apprehensive to begin with, as I’d never done anything like this before, but each programme was a stepping stone to the next stage so you were always progressing and importantly feeling positive benefits as you went along. Plus the programmes were varied so it kept it interesting and enjoyable.

I’m proud to say that I achieved a great deal and much more than I expected. In a nutshell, I am now fitter, healthier, less stressed and much happier. I was genuinely surprised at the number of people; family, friends and work colleagues that noticed the change in my body shape and my healthier lifestyle. Several of my friends were even inspired to go to a personal trainer themselves! If you want to make a positive health change in your life, for whatever reason, I would without doubt recommend Vincenzo’s Personal Training Kings Cross to help you achieve it.


 “I have lost around 40 pounds, my fitness has improved, my strength has increased and I have much more energy”

I have found Enzo to be a first-class trainer. He has approached my training in a thoughtful and systematic way, always stretching my abilities just enough. He is very expert on exercise, physiology and injuries and gives incredibly helpful feedback. Over the past year, I have lost around 40 pounds, my fitness has improved, my strength has increased and I have much more energy. Enzo has also given me very useful advice about diet and lifestyle, to support my training. I could not recommend him highly enough.


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“I would have no hesitation recommending him.”

Enzo has trained me for almost 12 months now. My wife also started training with him a few months ago. We have both progressed considerably in a relatively short period of time to meet our objectives. I specifically wanted to strengthen my core to alleviate back issues.

This objective was achieved and we have moved on to achieve my other goals. Enzo is extremely knowledgeable about the mechanics of the body and has a vast array of exercises that he has taught me to meet my goals. One of the most important aspects for me are his attention to detail on each exercise to ensure my form is correct and the muscles are being worked correctly. I find Enzo very professional and he is very focused on meeting your goals and objectives through both diet and exercise.

I would have no hesitation recommending him.

Gary Mander

“Vincenzo keeps the training interesting and varied”

I started training with Vincenzo a year ago when I wanted to take a more structured approach to getting fit and get more out of the time I had available to spend. I had not been having a lot of success training after my daughter was born as my sessions were not very structured or effective. Training with Vincenzo gave me the opportunity to fix that.

Since the very beginning I have felt the benefits of the training in terms of my general fitness and energy levels. Vincenzo keeps the training interesting and varied and it has always felt that while he has pushed me to achieve more in each session it has never felt as if I am being pushed too far. Vincenzo is very easy to talk to and I would happily recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone whatever their level.

Alan Wray

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