Online Personal Training

The services I offer are varied and for different or specific needs.

  • Postural and Stability Training
  • Core and functional training
  • Circuit Training
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Training for specific goals (getting Married, beach body, special occasions)
  • Sport Specific Training for amateurs or athletes
  • Kick Boxing
  • Training for all ages and fitness levels
  • TRX, Kettle Bells


I have an existing medical condition, is it safe for me to exercise?

Every Client must fill out a Pre Exercise Questionnaire during the Consultation. Medical conditions will be taken into account by the Trainer designing your exercise programme, and if deemed necessary, a Doctors approval and advice will be sought before commencing your personal training at our Kings Cross personal Training studio.

Can I exercise whilst pregnant?

In short, yes. The type and intensity of exercise prescribed will vary dependant on which trimester you are in and your exercise history.

How soon can I exercise after giving birth?

This will vary with each person and the type of birth it was, but the standard time advised is 4 – 6 weeks or when the abdominal wall has knitted back together again sufficiently. Your Doctor will give you the go ahead when the time is right for you to begin personal training in Kings Cross.

How long are sessions?

1 hour

How often should I train?

This will be discussed in your Consultation after reviewing your goals, but the short answer is that the more you put in, the more you will get out. Of course, time and money will also influence how often you train.

Is the nutritional advice and programming an extra cost?

This is a vital component in realising your goals and will be treated as such, but with no extra payment required. However if you would like to have a specific diet by a qualified nutritionist this will be done by Selma with an extra cost.

Can I share the training session with someone?

Yes you can and the cost will be discussed with you depending on the number of people involved and the number of sessions.

Where does the training take place?

The training will take place in our private studio in Kings Cross. (Home visits upon request).

What times and days can I train.

You can train every day except of Sunday and every time from 9:00am to 9;00pm.

Kings Cross Personal Trainer Vincenzo Piazza


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