Keep F.I.T.T – (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type)

The human body is a very tricky thing, sometimes it doesn’t like to lose body fat. For survival purposes, your body will try to hold onto as much fat as possible. It would rather sacrifice muscle (protein, at 4 calories per gram) than burn fat (9 calories per gram) because your body doesn’t know when it’ll be fed again. That’s the primary reason we should eat small meals every three hours.

When doing cardio, be sure to do “smart cardio.” Your body quickly adapts to cardio-based workouts, so the more you do the same routine, the more efficient your body becomes, causing you to burn fewer calories from your fat stores each time you exercise. In response, many people make their cardio sessions longer, increasing the likelihood that the body is breaking down muscle rather than burning fat.

The most effective cardio programs are designed around the FITT Principle: Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type.


  • Frequency refers to the number of times cardio is performed each week. No less than three days per week with no more than two days between workouts is ideal.
  • Intensity is the speed and/or the workload of the workout. It’s important to monitor continually the intensity level of the workout to ensure that you reach your fitness goals in the least amount of time.
  • Time is the number of minutes an exercise is performed, not including warm-up or cool-down. It’s recommended to do no less than 20 minutes and no more than 60 minutes per session for optimal fat loss. Remember, more is not necessarily better.
  • Type refers to the activity used to create a stimulus, e.g., treadmill, Stairmaster™, or fitness boxing. Any repetitive activity that continuously uses larger muscle groups is best.

One-to-One Personal Training

At North London PT‘s new Personal Training Studio in Kings Cross, Islington we offer one-to-one personal training to enable you to reach your fitness goals. We’ve helped people get fit, lose weight, tone their body, build their core and live healthier and therefore longer lives.

Reach Your Fitness Goals

Unlike larger fitness studios  you will get our undivided attention, training in private with Vincenzo who has over 20 years of fitness and diet expertise. Our clients stay with us longer for a reason – because we adapt your programme to suit you and what you want to achieve. We continually reassess your goals and move you forwards to a level of fitness that is hard to achieve on your own.

Why Choose A Personal Trainer

  • We can tailor a programme just for you and for the goals you want to achieve
  • 100% focused on you in our one-to-one sessions
  • Everyone is different, your workout plan is just for you
  • Challenge and motivate you to go that bit further than you would yourself
  • Advise you on the best way to lose weight if that is your aim
  • Show you the right way to exercise safely and effectively
  • Work with specific illnesses, injuries or conditions
  • Advise on nutrition plans
  • Keep you interested by varying your routines
Kings Cross Personal Trainer Vincenzo Piazza


Personal Training Qualifications
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